ORCO End of Year Specials

For a limited time, we are offering a 15% discount for existing ORCO customers, and a 10% discount for NEW customers, on three popular dyes detailed below. Quantities are limited and requests must be received into ORCO by December 28, 2018.

Please submit inquiries utilizing the Contact Form below or use the Red “Contact” button at the top of the page.

In all inquiries please use the word “SPECIALS.”

Look what we have for you:

Orcocilacron™ Orange RSE Conc (Disperse Orange 73) is a medium to high-energy Disperse Dye, perfect for dyeing polyester atmospherically with a carrier, high temperature/pressure dyeing, or continuous/thermosol dyeing. (How to Dye Polyester) High-energy Disperse Dyes tend to have a larger molecule size, lower volatility, and hence, better sublimation properties. This dye is only available as a powder, and only available in 55-lb Boxes.

OrcoAcid™ Red 410 is a mono-azo type Acid Dye (CAS 62134-44-5), with a rich blue/brown-red cast, used to dye nylon, silk, wool, and many other fibers. Acid dyes can also be used in agricultural products, anodized aluminum, coatings, construction materials, and wood dyes.  This acid dye is only available as a powder, and only available in 55-lb Boxes.

OrcoChrome™ Black T Crude (Mordant Black 11, CAS 1787-61-7) is a mordant acid-type dye which offers exceptional washfastness when treated with sodium bichromate. For Spandex®, which is typically difficult to dye, or in actuality, stain, these dyes offer the best dyeing for deep shades with good fastness. Chrome Dyes are also used to dye nylon, leather and silk flowers. This dye is only available as a powder, and only available in 55-lb Boxes.

Special Rules for these Special Dyes!

1. Existing ORCO Customers (for ANY product) will receive a 15% discount on the SPECIALS. New to ORCO Customers will receive a 10% discount.
2. When inquiring about these dyes or ordering samples, please use the word “SPECIALS”.
3. Requests for information or samples MUST be received by December 28, 2018.
4. Sampling is encouraged!!! We do NOT have shade cards available for these SPECIAL dyes.
5. SPECIAL Dyes can only be purchased in the form (powder) and package (55-lb Box) indicated.
6. Quantities available of these SPECIAL dyes vary, but once they are gone, they are GONE! If you want to keep purchasing the dye, we will have to requote to market pricing and market availability.

Of course, we have many other dyes available for the Textile and related Industries. Please check out the links to our website to find out a lot more about the textile dyes we offer. We also have extensive Technical Resources detailing how to use these dyes in a variety of processes on many different substrates.

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