Organic Dyes and Pigments LLC increases OrcoTint™ NS Polymeric Color Line

Organic Dyes and Pigments LLC is pleased to announce the addition of OrcoTint™ NS Bright Green GL to its OrcoTint™NS Polymeric Color line.

This brilliant green liquid dye enhances the existing palette of three different blue shades and a violet, giving the user that much more versatility in choosing the non-staining colorant that fits their needs. You can review the shade and specifications for OrcoTint™ NS Bright Green GL HERE.

Polymeric Colorants are highly concentrated liquid colorants designed to minimize staining in many different industry end-products such as detergents & soaps, chemical compounding products, ice-melts, portable sanitation chemicals, agricultural spray pattern indicators and livestock colorants.

OrcoTint™ NS colorants provide virtually no staining on skin, textiles, plastics and processing machinery. This line of colorants is compatible with many systems due to its non-toxic chemical nature and high water-solubility. This exceptional solubility allows them to be formulated in high doses in both liquid and solid applications.

Beyond the standard OrcoTint™ NS Polymeric shades, custom-formulated colors can be developed according to your specific shade and physical property requirements. Current OrcoTint™ NS colorants available consist of the OrcoTint™ NS Royal Blue, Blue, Dark Royal 8711, Violet, and our NEW addition – NS Bright Green GL.

Industries Served:


Ice-Melt & De-Icing colorants aid in the visual identification of icy areas that have been treated. With safety being a primary concern in areas such as stairways, pedestrian sidewalks, parking lots, and industrial loading areas, OrcoTint™ NS colorant treated ice melts help to minimize dangerous hazards. OrcoTint™ NS colorants are the preferred ingredient in ice-melt formulations as they have virtually no staining characteristics when in contact with concrete, asphalt, brick, wood, clothing, shoes, leather, & carpet, and are highly concentrated, environmentally friendly to vegetation, easy-to-use, and visually appealing. They are also non-reactive to salts and are stable in rock salt, calcium chloride, sodium chloride, potassium chloride, calcium magnesium acetate, and magnesium chloride formulations.

You can view our Ice-Melt offering on our web page HERE or download our “Dyes for Ice-Melt” Technical Bulletin HERE.


HI&I Detergents & Auto-Wash Triple Foam Soap formulations typically include OrcoTint™ NS colorants to minimize staining on auto surfaces, skin, textiles, plastics, concrete, ceramics, and processing machinery. Products formulated using OrcoTint™ NS colorants include hand sanitation products, foaming soaps, laundry detergent & softeners, and industrial & household cleaning products. OrcoTint™ NS colorants are used extensively in liquid and gel-pack formulations. View our HI&I colorant product line HERE.

Now Available: Download the Triple Foam and Auto Detergent White Paper: “Leaping the Hurdles of Proper Dye Selection – Reversing the Process”, which will walk you through the chemistry, technical properties, SH&E (Safety, Health & Environmental), and economic considerations BEFORE you choose a dye for your triple foam or auto detergent. Click HERE to access that report.


Spray Pattern Indicator Agents are formulated in many instances using OrcoTint™ NS colorants due to their virtually no staining characteristics and ability to wash off easily. A highly visible “temporary marking” system is desired in many applications such as fertilizer/pesticide/herbicide spraying, turf grass markings, and industrial & aquatic vegetation management.