How to Bleach Wool Using Reduction Method

Reduction bleaching with products such as Oroxalyde Powder™ is generally used for the stripping of dyes from the wool rather than natural fiber coloration since most types of reduction treatments tend to leave the wool with a harsh hand.  In some cases, such as with shoddy or waste wool, color must be removed to over-dye, in which case the following is recommended:


  • Pre-wash the goods at 125°F(52°C) for 30 minutes with 4.0 % owg Soda Ash.
  • Rinse well.
  • To a fresh bath, add the following:
    1%  owg   Glacial Acetic acid

3.0%  owg  Oroxalyde Powder™


Allow rinsed goods to circulate in the acetic acid bath for 10 minutes at 125°F(52°C) before adding the Oroxalyde Powder™. Slowly raise the temperature to 210-212°F(99-100°C) and hold for 30-45 minutes.  The goods are then rinsed well, first hot then cold to remove all traces of reducing agent which may cause problems with subsequent dyeing operations.

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