How to Build the Hand of Nylon

Typically, nylon is usually heat-set to establish hand and stability but in some cases, a resin after-treatment of acetate is desired.  Orcoset Resin CN™ and Orco Polyrez 550™ are recommended for nylon to establish hand and stability.

Orcoset Resin CN™

Orcoset Resin CN™ is a non-durable, non-ionic, polyvinyl acetate homopolymer developed  for the textile industry to produce maximum stiffness to cotton, synthetics and blends. The dry-rate has been modified to prevent excessive build-up on pad rolls, especially in a three-roll stock.  Orcoset Resin CN™ may be used alone or compounded with other finishing agents such as optical brighteners, starches, or corresponding catalysts.

Orcoset Resin CN™ may be used at concentrations ranging from  2.0% owb in the bath for lightweight fabrics to 10.0% owb in the bath for moderately firm hands.  For an extra stiff hand, as much as 15.0% owb to 20.0% owb is frequently used.

Orco Polyrez 550™

If a non-chalking resin is desired for heavier shades, Orco Polyrez 550™ is recommended.  Orco Polyrez 550™ is a water-dispersible polyester resin for use in textile finishing for hand control on heavy dark shades where “chalking” is encountered with the typical polyvinyl acetate resin emulsions.  Orco Polyrez 550™  can be applied to synthetics and natural fibers.

Dependent on properties desired, Orco Polyrez 550™ should be applied at room temperature and at a level of 3 – 10 oz/gal.  Drying temperature of 250°-280°F(121-133°C)  is usually sufficient.

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