How to Continuous Pad/Steam Dye Nylon Using Orcocil™ Disperse Dyes

Low-energy disperse dyes in general are also used in pad/steam applications but do have limitations regarding washfastness as well as lightfastness. The main advantages of disperse dyes are their ease of application and the excellent coverage of yarn irregularities (barre).  This method is best accomplished using multiple-bowl, continuous dye equipment.

  1. Prepare goods as necessary.
  1. In a pad bath at 110°F(43°C) add the following:
  • X oz/gal(x g/L)                         Orcocil™ Dyes properly prepared
  • 0-2.0 oz/gal(7.5-15 ml/L)       Orco Antimigrant U-1300™  (optional)
  • 25-1.0 oz/gal(1.9-7.5 ml/L)   Anionic Wetting Agent
  1. Pad at 180-190°F(82-88°C) with an immersion time 15-20 seconds.
  1. Steam 3-4 minutes at 215-220°F(102-104°C).
  1. Soap off continuously at 180-190°F(82-88°C) with 0.5 % owb Orcopon PCA™ and sufficient soda ash to achieve a pH of 8.0-8.5 .
  1. Follow with warm 120°F(49°C) rinses and dry.

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