How to Continuously Pad-Thermosol Polyester Using Orcocilacron™ Dyes

Continuous Pad/Thermosol dyeing of polyester calls for high energy Orcocilacron disperse dyes and antimigrant to prevent migration of pre-cured disperse dye on the polyester fiber.

  • Prepare and pre-scour polyester.
  • Set a bath at 90°F(32°C) containing:
  • Pad goods at 35-65% pickup at 90°-115°F(32°-46°C) and pre-dry goods before curing.
  • Heat-thermosol at 375°-400°F (190°-204°C) for 75-90 seconds.
  • Cool slowly and rinse.
  • After-scour(after-clear) with:
    • 2 – 4% owg  Suitable Reducing Agent such as Sodium Hydrosulphite at a temperature of 140°F(60°C) and run for 15 -20 minutes.
    • Drop bath and rinse well.


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