How to Continuous/Steam Dye Cotton Using Orco Reactive R-Series™ Dyes

  1. Prepare and prescour cotton goods.
  2. Pad goods through dye bath at room temperature containing:

 X  gr/L(oz/gal)                       R-Series™ reactive dye properly prepared

2-5 oz/gal(15-38gr/L)            Sodium Alginate (5% Solution)

0.1-0.3 oz/gal(.75-2.25 g/L) Orconol CHSA Conc

  1. Dry goods @ 230°F-250°F(110°C-120°C) for 2 minutes.
  2. Pad goods through alkali bath at room temperature containing:

2.5-5.0 oz/gal(20-40 ml/L) Caustic Soda (38° Be’)

33 oz/gal(250 gram/L)         Glauber’s salt

1.33 oz/gal (10 gr/L )            Orcotol MN Powder

0-2.5 oz/gal(0-20 gr/L)         Sodium Carbonate

  1. Steam @ 225 °F(110°C) for 20-30 seconds.
  2. Wash excess or unfixed dye off by cold rinsing, then a warm neutralizing rinse @ 120°F(50°C) using acetic acid.
  3. Thoroughly hot rinse and soap at boil using 0.25 oz/gal(2gr/L) Orcopon KP™.
  4. Warm rinse, then a final cold rinse.

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