Dye Class and Pigment Descriptions for Acrylic

Orcozine™ dyes are modified cationic (basic) dyes for dyeing and printing acrylic and modacrylic fibers. This range affords a good selection of dyes to meet the brightness and fastness requirements for a variety of end uses.

OrcoSperse™ pigments are water-based dispersions offering a wide shade range including fluorescent colors and metallic shades, which can be printed or padded on acrylic. OrcoSperse™ pigments, unlike dye classes which rely on either some form of ionic bonding or solution/gaseous penetration into the substrate and being somewhat inert, need an external binding medium to provide fastness to washing and rubbing (crocking). These binding agents usually are in the form of either an acrylic or styrene type water based emulsion system which, when properly cured, offer fair to good wash fastness with minimal crocking in light to medium depths of shade. The main advantages of pigments lay in their ease of use over a wide range of substrate blends and their good-to-excellent lightfastness. Dark shades do usually present a crock problem and the use of higher amounts of resinous binders to overcome this are not particularly effective and create an additional problem of harsh handle. Since the binder system used dictates the cure/time temperatures necessary, careful attention to the technical data for the binder should be exercised.

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