How to Dye Cotton/Spandex® Blends Using a One-Bath/Two-Step Dyeing Procedure with Orcolitefast™ and Orcolan Neutral™ Dyes

This procedure provides medium fastness for medium to heavy shades.  A one-bath/one-step procedure is available for light to medium shades with lower fastness.

In any procedure involving Spandex®, the temperature should not exceed 200°F(93°C) as it may degrade the integrity of the spandex.

  1. Prepare goods as necessary. Since the Spandex® typically comes from the factory in a clean white state, a general prescour should be sufficient.  The cotton portion will probably require a scouring and possibly a bleaching if light or pastel shades are desired.
  2. In a fresh bath at 100°F(38°C), add:
  3. Circulate for 10 minutes.
  4. Slowly raise temperature to 190-195°F(88-90°C) and run for one hour. After 30 minutes, acetic acid may be added to promote exhaustion of the dye.
  5. Cool the bath to 140°F(60°C) and add:
  6. Adjust pH to 8.5 with soda ash, slowly raise temperature to 190-195°F(88-90°C), and run for 30 minutes.
  7. Over 45 minutes, add 30% owg Glauber’s Salt in three equal increments.
  8. Cool bath to 120°F(49°C) and overflow rinse cold until clear.

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