How to Dye Nylon Using Orco Nylosol™ Dyes


Orco Nylosol dyes are specialty acid dyes which exhibit exceptional leveling and penetrating properties on nylon.  They offer an extensive range of brilliant shades and fastness properties for any particular end use.  Certain Orco Nylosol™ dyes require special application procedures depending on the type of substrate and dying apparatus used.



Prescouring of the nylon is necessary in order to remove any impurities in the goods otherwise an unlevel dyeing would result.

Run goods in bath containing 2.0% on weight of goods(owg) Orconol CHSA Conc™ at 140°-160°F for 20 minutes.


Dyeing – General Exhaust Method

  • Enter goods in bath at 120°F containing:
    • 2.0 – 4.0% owg          Ammonium Sulfate
    • 10.0 % owg                  Glauber’s Salt
    • 1.0 – 2.0% owg        Orco Buffer 14 Powder™
    • 0.5 – 1.5%% owg      Leveler
  • Slowly add pre-dissolved Orco Nylosol™ dyes with circulation and slowly raise temperature to 205°-210°F(96° – 99°C) at a rate of 2°- 3°F per minute.
  • Maintain temperature for 20–30 minutes and then check for degree of dye exhaustion.
  • Add Acetic Acid 56% or Formic Acid to promote exhaustion if necessary.
  • Cool bath back to at least 160°F(171°C) before dropping.
  • Total dyeing time should be at least 55-60 minutes to insure proper penetration, leveling, and exhaustion. To insure wetfastness, rinsing should continue until the bath is clear.  In some cases, the addition of an after-fixing agent such as Orcofix MN™ may be desirable.

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