How to Dye Polyester/Nylon Blends with Orcocilacron™ Disperse and Orco™ Acid Dyes using a One-Bath Process

This is a general one-bath procedure, for cross or union-dyeing, using Orcocilacron™ Disperse and Orco™  acid dyes on Polyester/Nylon blends.  Acid dye classes that are applicable for this procedure are Orco Milling™, Orco Nylosol™, and Orcolan Neutral™.

  1. Prepare goods as necessary.
  2. In a bath at 110°F(43°C), add:
  • 0.5-1.0 %   owg     Anionic Wetting Agent
  • 6 %              owg     Glauber’s Salt
  • X %             owg     Orcocilacron™ Disperse dyes properly prepared   
  1. Circulate for 10 minutes and then add:
  1. Slowly raise temperature to 170°F(77°C) and add:
  1. Raise to the boil and run for 1-1 ½ hours depending on the depth of shade.
  2. Cool to 170°F(77°C), sample, and shade if necessary. If so, raise to the boil and run an additional 30 minutes.
  3. Hot wash at 170-180°F(77-82°C) to remove dye carrier. Do not allow the temperature to drop below 160°F(71°C) until all carrier is removed.
  4. After-scour in fresh bath at 180°F(82°C) for 30 minutes with:
  • 0.5 % owg     Anionic Wetting Agent
  • 0.5 % owg     Acetic Acid
  1. Cool to 170°F(77°C), drop bath, and rinse well.

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