How to Exhaust Dye Nylon Using Orcocil™ Dyes


  1. Prepare and pre-scour goods.
  2. In a new bath, circulate the following chemicals for 10-15 minutes at 110°F(43°C) prior to adding dyes:

                  Acetic Acid to a pH of 5.5-6.0

1.5%        Anionic Wetting Agent on weight of goods(owg)

    1. Add pre-dispersed Orcocil™  which have not been exposed to temperatures higher than 160°F(71°C) as many low-energy disperse dyes are sensitive to excessive heat and may precipitate out of solution.
    2. Slowly raise temperature to 205°-210°F(96°-99°C) at a rate of 2°-3°F per minute.
    3. Continue to run at this elevated temperature for 50-60 minutes.
    4. Cool back to 160°F(71°C), drop bath, and rinse until clear.
    5. After-fixing low energy disperse dyes does not generally improve the wetfastness to any appreciable degree so it is not recommended. In many cases, a light scour at 120°F with 1.0% owg Orcopon PCA™ will remove loose surface color and improve crocking.
    6. The use of excessive acid below pH of 4.5 is not recommended as this may cause precipitation of many disperse dyes from solution.

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