How to High-Temperature Pressure Dye Polyester Using Orcocilacron™ Dyes


High-temperature / pressure dyeing of homopolymer polyester calls for medium-to-high energy Orcocilacron disperse dyes and an optional small amount of dye carrier for further swelling of the polyester fiber and also to aid as a leveling agent.


  • Prepare and pre-scour polyester.
  • Enter goods in bath at 120°F(49°C) containing:
    • Acetic Acid to a pH of 5.5 – 6.0
    • 1.0%                         Orco Penetrant 120™ on weight of goods(owg)
    • 1.0 % owg               Orco Polylev B-400™
    • 1.0 – 3.0% owg      Orco Dye Carrier LLRS-2™
      • Orco Dye Carrier LLRS-2™ is recommended when dyeing temperatures are < 240°F. The amount of carrier depends on the temperature of the dyeing.  Pressure-dyeing temperature ranges from 212°-265°F(100°-130°C).  Because of the structure of the fabric and/or abrasion that can exist in dyeing machines such as jets, a lower temperature such as 230°F(110°C) may be required.
    • X% owg                Orcocilacron™ dyes – use proper disperse dye preparation procedure
  • Circulate for 10 minutes.
  • Raise temperature to dyeing temperature and run for 45-90 minutes, depending on depth of shade.
  • Cool back to 180°F(82°C) and sample.
  • If shading is necessary, add pre-dissolved shading disperse dye, raise to dyeing temperature, and run for additional 30 minutes.
  • Cool back to 120°F(49°C) slowly while rinsing.
  • After-scour(after-clear) with:
      • 2 – 4% owg Reducing Agent such as Sodium Hydrosulphite at a temperature of 140°F(60°C) and run for 15 -20 minutes.
      • Drop bath and rinse well.

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