How to Carbonize Wool

Although wool fiber is very sensitive to high alkalinity, its high resistance to acidity is used to advantage to remove various cellulose and vegetable matter contaminates. In this process the previously scoured wool is treated with a dilute concentration of sulfuric acid and then dried and baked at elevated temperatures to “carbonize” the vegetable and cellulose matter. In this form, contaminates can be mechanically shaken or vacuumed out of the wool piece.


  • 0.25-1.0 oz./gal(1.88 -7.52g/L)               Orco Carbo Pentro 133™
  • 1.00-1.5 oz./gal(7.52-11.3 g/L)                  Sulfuric Acid  98 %


Material to be carbonized is passed through the above bath at room temperature, then squeezed through a set of rolls to maintain a wet-pick-up of 40 to 65%. The material is then dried and baked at temperatures over 250°F(120°C) and passed over a beater roll to dislodge the carbonized material.

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