How to Full Wool

Although the primary function of fulling is to cause a felting action of the woolen piece which causes a bulking, the fulling soaps and additives also provide a good scour action to the piece helping to further lower the grease and oil content to less than 0.40 %. This scouring action is greatly improved when some of the fulling machines with spray rinses are utilized. The fulling operation may be defined as alkaline fulling, in which case the carbonized goods are treated with an alkaline fulling soap to neutralize the acid content or acid fulling which scours on the acid side (pH less than 3.0) usually a function of the acid carried over from Carbonizing.


Soaps Used:              

0.75-2.0 oz./gal(5.64-15.00 g/L)  Orcopal TX™ or Orcopal FUL™

0.50-2.0 oz./gal(3.76-15.00 g/L)  Orcomol FAW™ *


Refer to the technical bulletins of the products listed in the above procedure for specific fulling procedures.


*Orcomol FAW™ is utilized on the stock-dyed blend cross-dye blends such as the hunter check patterns to prevent staining of the undyed ground during fulling.

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