How to Soften Acrylic

A recommended softening treatment of acrylic involves the application of Orcosoft NQ 320/150™.

Orcosoft NQ 320/150™ is a unique cold-water dispersible cationic softener, lubricant, and anti-static agent which produces an unusually smooth, soft hand on synthetic fibers and cotton.  Being a non-quaternary type softener, Orcosoft NQ 320/150™ offers less effluent problems than comparable type softeners, and can be applied to all natural and synthetic fibers by exhaustion, pad, or spray methods.

In the following procedures, please note all percentages listed are for Orcosoft NQ 150.  If Orcosoft NQ 320™ is being used halve all suggested amounts.

  • On acrylic, polyester, nylon, and blends, use 1-2% owf Orcosoft NQ 150™ in the final rinse at 70-90°F(21-32°C).  Run for 5-10 minutes.
  • On package work, rinse away anionic detergents before applying the softener.
  • In exhaustion onto synthetics, more uniformity results at lower then at higher temperatures and with the pH adjusted to about 6.0 with acetic acid. As a result, treated fibers exhibit superior drying, picking, spinning and knitting properties.
  • As a napping assistant, 3.0-5.0% owb can be padded onto the fabric or 1.0% owf may be run in the dyebath to impart a soft, high pile.

Many optical whiteners are compatible with Orcosoft NQ 320/150™ but in general, anionic types should be avoided if possible and compatibility should be evaluated in the lab first.