Orco Accelerator PA-25™

Orco Accelerator PA-25™ is a highly active organic catalyst for use with cross-linkable polymer emulsions and thermosetting resins where speed of cure and temperature is limited.


Physical Properties

Appearance Dark amber to brown liquid (color may vary)
Odor Mild
pH 1.5 – 2.0



Depending on type of polymer emulsion, and/or thermosetting resin, a starting formula recommendation is  0.25 – 0.75 oz/gal of Orco Accelerator PA-25™ on weight of bath.

In all cases, Orco Accelerator PA-25™ should be added last after the resin and auxiliaries have been diluted to approximate bath volume.



Protect from freezing or excessive heat (> 110°F(43°C))

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