Orco AntiFoam AFB-S Conc™

Orco AntiFoam AFB-S Conc™ is a non-ionic silicone type anti-foaming agent of proven efficiency in liquids and viscous pastes, and may be used wherever suds, scum or foam presents a problem. Orco AntiFoam AFB-S Conc™ may be applied in acid and alkaline liquors.

Physical Properties

Appearance Smooth, white semi-fluid paste
Chemical Type Silicone based
Specific Gravity 1.0 @ 25° C
Solubility Recommended diluent is cold water
pH 5.0



Textile Dyeing

Yarns – Use Orco AntiFoam AFB-S Conc™ when dyeing skeins with Orcosol dyes. The foam or suds carried over by the skeins have a tendency to oxidize while turning. The use of 1 to 2 oz/100gal of Orco AntiFoam AFB-S Conc™ during the reduction cycle (per 100 gallons) will correct the oxidation by foam reduction.

Hosiery – Small quantities of disperse dyes are normally required for coloring hosiery. Voluminous suds are formed when scouring and dyeing are carried out in the same bath. The loss of the disperse dyes carried by the foam may be noticed in the final shade. This loss can be prevented by adding 0.5-1.0 oz Orco AntiFoam AFB-S Conc™ per 100 gallons. Orco AntiFoam AFB-S Conc™ will not impair the working properties of either the soap or the dye.

Piece Goods – A small addition of Orco AntiFoam AFB-S Conc™ (1 oz/50 gallons) to the dye beck will permit light weight fabrics to be dyed more efficiently by controlling flotation of the goods. Where soaps or surface active agents are used in dissolving dyes, excessive foaming will be reduced. Foam caused by the use of retarders in Orlon dyeing or softeners used for finishing synthetics (nylon, acetate, arnel, orlon, etc.) can be controlled by the use of 1 oz of Orco AntiFoam AFB-S Conc™ per 100 gallons of liquor.

Nylon Carpet – Flotation is a problem in the dyeing of nylon carpets. The use of 1 oz/100 gallons of liquor will control the flotation tendency allowing for more even dyeing.


Non-Textile Applications

In manufacture of soap, Orco AntiFoam AFB-S Conc™ cuts down excessive foam building–small additions will not interfere with the sudsing action of the soap in its practical application.
In paper manufacture, use 8 oz/100 gallons of clay finishers. For paper-calender staining of paper, use of 2-4 oz Orco AntiFoam AFB-S Conc™ per 50 gallons dye solution.
In leather dyeing drums, foam re-build is probable and a small addition of Orco AntiFoam AFB-S Conc™ is beneficial.

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