Orco BlancoScour 100 Powder™

Orco BlancoScour 100 Powder™ is a safe, economical oxidative bleaching/scouring powder for use in preparing full and half-bleach bottoms on 100% cotton or its blends. Full bleach is for whites and half-bleach is for dyeing pastel shades. Orco BlancoScour 100 Powder™ may also be used in the clearing of disperse dyed polyester or partial stripping of direct-dyed cotton or acid-dyed nylon.


Physical Properties

Appearance off-white powder
Solubility 120-140 g/l
Available oxygen 10.0 %
pH 10.00 – 10.25 for a 1%  solution



Half Bleach Bottoms
Use 0.2 – 0.3% Orco BlancoScour 100 Powder™ on weight of bath

Full Bleach Bottoms
Use  0.5 – 1.0% Orco BlancoScour 100 Powder™  on weight of bath.

Run at 190°- 200°F(88-93°C) for 45 minutes, cool back, and rinse.



Orco BlancoScour 100 Powder™ may be used in conjunction with certain selected optical whiteners such as Orco Synthrowite C-52 and Orco Synthrowite C-52-T to simultaneously bleach and whiten in the same bath.

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