Orco Buffer 14 Powder™

Orco Buffer 14 Powder™ is a specially compounded buffer for use in nylon and wool dyeing to help control strike rates of most acid dyes.  Orco Buffer 14 Powder™ may be used in conjunction with various acid donor salts or acid exhaust methods.


Physical Properties

Appearance White, free-flowing powder
Odor None
Solubility 30 gm/L minimum


Buffer Values

Initial pH 0.1gm/100 cc 

Acetic Acid

0.2gm/100 cc  

Acetic Acid

0.3gm/100 cc

Acetic Acid

Distilled Water 6.9 3.5 3.1 2.98
1% Buffer 14 7.4 6.6 5.6 5.0



  • Nylon             Use 0.5-1.0% Orco Buffer 14 Powder™ on weight of goods(owg ) to significantly slow strike rates when using dyes such as Orco Milling™ acid dyes.  Orco Buffer 14 Powder™ helps retard the first exhaust addition of acetic or formic acid promoting uniform and gradual exhausting of the dye.
  • Wool              Use 0.5-1.0% owg Orco Buffer 14 Powder™ will slow down strike rates of various milling and neutral premetallized dyes.  Orco Buffer 14 Powder™  also performs a very important function of buffering excessive acid left over from carbonizing without the detrimental high pH shocks associated with soda ash or caustic soda.

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