Orco Catalyst 781™

Orco Catalyst 781™ is a modified inorganic salt catalyst used to replace the ammonium chloride type for cross-linking thermoset resins.


Physical Properties

Appearance clear, water-like solution
Density 8.9 lbs/gal



  • easily dispersed in textile finishing baths
  • has unique wetting properties which promote penetration and leveling



The primary function of Orco Catalyst 781™ is to initiate cross-linking of special resins used to produce durable finishes on fabrics, such as durable wrinkle recovery, crispness, body, durable mechanical finishes, and bonding of nonwovens. To accelerate the curing of this system, Orco Catalyst 781™ should be used at a range of 11% to 13% based on the total weight of resin.

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