Orco Clear Concentrate 1500™

Orco Clear Concentrate 1500™ is an easy-to-use low-VOC crosslinked polyacrylic acid ammonium salt primarily designed for pigment printing and is also used with disperse dye print systems on polyester.


Physical Properties

Appearance Off-white, pour-able cream
Odor Mild
Compatibility w/ nonionic and anionic pigments and binders
Viscosity(cps) 20-25,000 @ 1.0 %
pH 8-9 in a 3% clear print paste



  • Bright sharp clear prints
  • Smooth lump-free clears obtained with minimum mixing
  • No strong ammonia or solvent odors
  • No highly flammable solvents used in concentrate makeup
  • Will not clog screens




  • 1.5% Orco Clear Concentrate 1500™ 4-5% Binder0
  • 0.2% Defoamer (as needed)

Disperse Dyes

  • 1.5% Orco Clear Concentrate 1500™
  • 2.0% Urea
  • 0.5% Defoamer (as needed)
  • 0.1% Preservative

Charge mix tank with water and all chemicals adding Orco Clear Concentrate 1500™ as last item with mixer running for 5-10 minutes until smooth and lump free.

If antifoaming agents are needed non-silicone types are recommended.

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