Orco Dispersant 851™

Orco Dispersant 851™  is an effective dye bath dispersant for dyeing synthetic fibers with disperse dyes. It is particularly used in the nylon hosiery trade where uniformity and levelness are very important.


Physical Properties

Appearance Straw-colored liquid
Ionic Nature Nonionic
Chemical Nature Polyethylene glycolmonotallate
Solubility Dispersible
pH 6.5-7.0



  • Provides excellent leveling for dyeing nylon with disperse dyes
  • Leaves the equipment clean
  • Low foaming
  • Gives lubricity to synthetic fibers



Nylon Dyeing  – Use 2% Orco Dispersant 851™  on weight of fabric when dyeing nylon hosiery with disperse dyes.

Polyester Dyeing  – Use 1% Orco Dispersant 851™  on weight of fabric.

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