Orco Dispersant B-1™

Orco Dispersant B-1™ is an anionic sulphonate dispersant for use in improving dispersion of Disperse dyes and solubility of Acid and Direct dyes. Especially useful when added while initially dispersing and solubilizing dyes.


Physical Properties

Appearance Off-white powder
Odor Minimal to none
Ionic Charge Anionic
Specific gravity 0.40



  • Pasteing of Disperse dyes
  • Solubilizing Acid and Direct dyes



As a dispersant for Disperse dyes, add at the rate of 5% – 10% of weight of dye to promote rapid wetting and dispersion when pasting dyes with water.   Avoid temperatures over 160°F (71°C).

To solubilize Acid and Direct dyes, add at a rate of 3.5% – 6.5% of weight of dye to improve wetting and solubility while boiling up dye solution. Do not use in conjunction with Basic/Cationic dyes.


Protect from high humidity.

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