Orco Dispersant NRF™

Orco Dispersant NRF™ is a reserving agent for nylon and wool dyed with acid or direct dyes. Orco Dispersant NRF™  also functions in certain cases as a fixative on selected dyes.


Physical Properties

Appearance Amber pourable liquid
Odor Mild
Ionic Charge Anionic
Chemical Type Condensate of aromatic sulfonic acids



Applicable to nylon, wool, and blends thereof.



Reservation of nylon on wool/nylon blends

Add the following to the dyebath before the addition of dye:

  • 1-2% on weight of fabric(owf) Orco Dispersant NRF™
  • 5% owf Glauber’s Salt
  • 1% owf Orco Leveler LW-470
  • 4% owf Ammonium Sulfate

Run for 10-15 minutes at 110°F(43°C). Proceed with regular dyeing cycle.


Before the addition of dyes, add 1-3% owf Orco Dispersant NRF™ to the bath and circulate for 10-15 minutes at 110°F(43°C).  Proceed with regular dyeing cycle.


Protect from freezing

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