Orco Dye Assist 10-4 Liquid™

ORCO Dye Assist 10-4 Liquid is a versatile concentrated dyeing assistant for use on 100% cotton and blends with polyester, wool and polyamides. Having low foaming properties, the product provides excellent leveling when used with directs, reactives and or disperse dyes whether in becks, jigs, paddle equipment or even jets at elevated temperatures. In addition to its excellent leveling characteristics, Orco Dye Assist 10-4 provides wetting as well as dispersion characteristics when used with disperse dyes.


Physical Properties

Appearance Yellow Liquid
Odor Pleasant odor
Solids 45%
Ionic Classification Anionic
Solubility Easily soluble in all temperature water at all concentrations.
Stability Stable in acids, bases, hard water, nonionics and anionics.
Activity 45% +/- 5%
Specific Gravity 1.16
pH 8.0 – 10.0



100% Cotton, Directs, Reactives:

  • Light pastel shades: .75-1.0% o.w.g.
  • Medium shades: .60-.75% o.w.g.
  • Dark shades: .35-.60% o.w.g.


Polyester/ Cotton blends-jet work:

  • Light pastel shades: 0-1.50% o.w.g.
  • Medium shades: .75-1.00% o.w.g.
  • Dark shades: .75-1.00% o.w.g.

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