Orco Flame Retardant DR™

Orco Flame Retardant DR™ is non-durable inorganic flame retardant for use on synthetics, cellulose, and their respective blends. Orco Flame Retardant DR™ provides a dry crisp hand unlike many salt blends, which are very hydroscopic.


Physical Properties

Appearance Clear, pourable liquid
Odor No significant odor
Specific Gravity 1.20




  • drying requires no curing or catalyst.



In general, dependent on fiber type, weight, and construction, the following general recommendations should pass a vertical 12 – 15 second burn test:


  • 40% – 60% on weight of bath(owb) Orco Flame Retardant DR™
  • 25% – 0.50% on weight of goods(owg) Orconol CHSA Conc™

Acetate, Nylon, & Polyester

Cotton or Wool

Fabrics should be free of all residual oils, waxes, and softeners as this will contribute to flammability.

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