Orco Leveler LW-470™

Orco Leveler LW-470™ is a high-efficiency leveler / retarder for wool and various blends.


Physical Properties

Appearance Amber yellow pourable liquid
Odor Pleasant
Chemical Type Ethoxylated cationic fatty amine
Ionic Class Mildly cationic
Solubility All proportions in warm water
Specific Gravity 1.06 @ 70°F
pH (10% Solution) 8.0 – 9.5



  • Compatible with most other nonionic and cationic agents and auxiliaries.
  • Excellent for reworking shaded goods.



Wool and wool/nylon-        

  • 5 – 1.5% Orco Leveler LW-470™ on weight of goods for Orcoacid™ dyes. These percents may vary due to dyeing conditions and whether goods are acid or alkaline fulled.
  • 0 – 1.5% owg Orco Leveler LW-470™ for Orcolan Neutral™ / Orcolan Fast™ dyes
  • 0 – 2.0% owg Orco Leveler LW-470™ for Orco Milling™ dyes


Stripping/Repairing work

  1. In the dyebath add:
  • X% owg Soda Ash / or Ammonia to pH of 8.0-8.5
  • 0% owg Orco Leveler LW-470™
  1. Raise bath temperature to 195-210°F(91-99°C) and hold for 45 minutes.
  2. Re-exhaust dye with the addition of either Acetic, Formic, or Sulfuric Acid.

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