Orco Lubricant WS-NY™

Orco Lubricant WS-NY™ is a water-soluble non-yellowing lubricant for use in atmospheric and high-temperature dyeing applications aiding in the prevention of chafing and crack marks encountered with synthetic fabrics and fiber blends.   Orco Lubricant WS-NY™ is also used in various scouring and fulling operations of wool piece goods to improve hand and drape properties.


Physical Properties

Chemical Type Polyalkylene glycol
Appearance Clear pourable liquid
Odor Very low
Ionic Charge Nonionic
Specific gravity 1.014
Type (Class) Polyalkylene Glycol



  • Nylon
  • Polyester
  • Synthetic fiber blends with cellulose



High-Temperature or Atmospheric Dyeing

1-2% Orco Lubricant WS-NY™ on weight of goods.  Circulate with standard chemicals.

Fulling and Scouring

0.5 – 1% Orco Lubricant WS-NY™ on weight of soap solution.

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