Orco Nylosol Leveler TWA™

Orco Nylosol Leveler TWA™ is designed primarily for the level dyeing of nylon piece goods with Orco Nylosol™ dyes.  A distinguishing characteristic of Orco Nylosol Leveler TWA™ is the promotion of uniform dye transfer at or near the boil resulting in extremely good levelness. In addition to leveling, Orco Nylosol Leveler TWA™ also produces a retarding effect on the dyes which is essential for uniform and level dyeings.


Physical Properties

Appearance Clear amber yellow pourable liquid
Odor Pleasant
Chemical Type Modified Polyoxyethlene Fatty Amino Acid and Polyglycol Ether blend
Ionic Class Mildly cationic
Solubility Miscible in all proportions of warm water



Orco Nylosol Leveler TWA™ can be used in anionic, cationic, or nonionic aqueous systems without concern of precipitating any products used in conjunction with it.



  • Set Bath at 110°F – 115°F with:
    1. 10% Glauber’s Salt (OWF)
    2. 00 to 4.00% Ammonium Sulfate (OWF)
    3. 50 – 1.00% Orco Nylosol Leveler NWATM (OWF)
  • Circulate 10 minutes and then add:
    1. X% Orco Nylosol Dye
  • Raise temperature to 204°F and continue at 204°F for 45-60 min
    1. For heavy shades and certain dyes it may be necessary to exhaust with X% Acetic Acid to a finish bath pH of 4.0 – 4.5
  • For improved wet fastness, aftertreat as recommended with OrcofixTM MN

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