Orco Polyrez 550™

Orco Polyrez 550™ is a water dispersible polyester resin for use in textile finishing for hand control on heavy dark shades where “chalking” is encountered with the typical polyvinyl acetate resin emulsions.


Physical Properties

Appearance Slightly yellow solution
Odor low, pleasant
Specific Gravity 1.04
Compatibility Concentrated electrolytes or cationic materials cause precipitation so additives should be checked in the laboratory first under controlled conditions
pH 5.5 – 6.5



  • Synthetics
  • Natural fibers



Orco Polyrez 550™ should be applied at room temperature and at a level of 3 – 10 oz/gal.

Drying temperature of 250°-280°F(121-133°C) is usually sufficient.

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