Orco™ Powder & Dispersion Pigment Storage, Handling, and Preparation


Orco™ Pigments should be kept in a dry area and elevated so container is not in direct contact with the cold ground. Each drum of pigment should be spaced far enough away from each other to prevent cross-contamination when drum lids are removed and the pigment is transferred. All pigments, if in powder form, should be stored in a separate room from chemicals to avoid contamination from air-borne dust. Drum lids should be replaced immediately and sealed to prevent cross-contamination and minimize moisture buildup.  Utensils used to remove the pigment from the drum should be perfectly clean of any dirt, chemicals, dyes, or other pigment.



As with any powder pigment or fine-particle material, the proper NIOSH-approved respiratory mask should be used when handling.  Operator should review Safety Data Sheet(SDS) and wear proper protective clothing allowing no direct skin contact.



Orco™ Pigment dispersions should be stirred in their container before dispensing to ensure a uniform pigment solution.  This will maintain consistent strength printing/padding pastes from batch-to-batch.

Shelf Life

The shelf-life of Orco™ Pigments in a sealed container is estimated at 5-8 years for powders and 1 year for dispersions when stored in a cool, dry, and dark environment.

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