Orco Salt O Solution™

Orco Salt O Solution™ is a specially compounded dyeing assistant used in all phases of textile dyeing and finishing. Orco Salt O Solution, when used in acid and disperse dye baths, functions not only as a dye leveler/migration promoter, but also helps to remove and disperse oil and grease contaminates commonly found on most synthetic and wool fabrics.


Physical Properties

Appearance Clear, yellowish liquid
Classification polyethyleneoxycarbinol
Charge Non-ionic
Solubility All proportions soluble in water
Solids 30%
pH 6.7 – 7.5



As a leveling assistant during acid dyeing, feed 1 – 2% Orco Salt O Solution™ on weight of goods into the kettle at the boil. This gives excellent leveling assistance to Orcoacid™ and Orcolan™ dyeings.

Orco Salt O Solution™ is also an excellent product for prescouring or boil-off procedures.

Orco Salt O Solution™ at a concentration of 1 – 2% on weight of goods is especially beneficial when used as a dyeing assistant for Acrilan® carpet fibers giving level bright shades.

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