Orco Repel WZC™

Orco Repel WZC™ is an economical wax emulsion water repellent containing a zirconium salt base providing excellent water repellency on both synthetic and cellulosic fibers.


Physical Properties

Appearance milky, white liquid
Odor Slightly acidic
Specific Gravity 1.01
Solubility Easily dispersed in water at 50-100°F(10- 38°C)
pH 3.0 – 6.0



Fabrics to be treated should contain no residual surface active agents and have a pH no higher than 7.0.

Bath concentration for padding will vary depending on the fabric and weight but generally 2-5% on weight of bath(owb) is adequate. Water temperature should be 50-100°F(10-38°C) before adding Orco Repel WZC™. Higher temperatures sometimes cause insolubility.

Treated fabrics should be dried thoroughly at temperatures below 300°F(150°C).

Cure the coating or fabric at 325°F for 90 – 120 seconds



Durable to laundering and dry cleaning



Protect from freezing or excessive heat.