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Orco Sunguard N-2™ is an UltraViolet(UV) absorber/stabilizer for use on nylon upholstery and automotive fabrics to enhance lightfastness and tensile strength having stability in most dyebaths. It is primarily designed for use with Orcolan Neutral™ premetallized dyes. Orco Sunguard N-2™ has no adverse effects on yarn strength and in fact may offer a marked improvement.

Physical Properties

Composition Nitrogen compound
Appearance green liquid dispersion
Ionic Nature slightly anionic
pH 6.9-7.1 for a 5% solution
Solubility dispersible in warm water
Density 9.4 lbs/gal



  • Compatible in normal pH dyeing range offering level exhaust properties
  • Minimal shade change
  • Effective on fabric and carpet with no shade restrictions


  • Nylon carpet, yarn, and fabric



  • Pre-disperse Orco Sunguard N-2™ in warm water. Use 1.0-2.5% Orco Sunguard N-2™ on weight of fabric (owf)depending on dye & lightfastness requirements and on the amount of nylon present.
  • In a bath at 75-90°F(24-32°C) add one of the following buffering systems:
    • pH < 6 Ammonium Acetate and acetic acid
    • pH 6-8 MSP and DSP
    • pH >8 TSPP and acetic acid
  • Add X% Orco Sunguard N-2™ 
  • Circulate for 5 minutes and add dyes.
  • Raise to 212°F(100°C) over one hour to promote levelness.
  • Run for one hour and cool to 140°F(60°C).
  • Rinse, extract, and dry.


  • Set fresh bath to 75-90°F(24-32°C) and add 1-2% owf Orco Sunguard N-2™.
  • Raise temperature to 160-180°F(71-82°C) over one hour. Hold for 20 minutes at this temperature.
  • Rinse, extract, and dry.

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