Orco Sunguard NC-3™

Orco Sunguard NC-3™ is an ultraviolet(UV) absorber that significantly improves the lightfastness of disperse-dyed polyester fabrics and yarns particularly in the automotive upholstery and floor coverings industries. Orco Sunguard NC-3™ is characterized by having extremely micronized particles in dispersion and is especially suitable for package dye applications.  Orco Sunguard NC-3™3 is designed to prevent particle coagulation in the dye bath and redeposition on the dyeing equipment due to excellent dispersion stability and high exhaustive performance at high temperatures.


Physical Properties

Appearance white milky emulsion
Composition anionic nitrogen compound
Solubility Dissolves in cold water
pH 8 for a 5% solution



Not affected by a reduction clearing process after dyeing.



  • Polyester fibers
  • Continuous dyeing
  • Package dying



Orco Sunguard NC-3™ is normally used for high-temperature batch exhaustion processes in conjunction with dye. The optimum usage level depends on the nature of the polyester fiber, depth of shade, and lightfastness requirements. The initial recommendation is 2% on weight of fabric.

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