Orco Sunguard W™

Orco Sunguard W™ is an UltraViolet(UV) absorber/stabilizer for use on wool providing improved lightfastness and wool fiber stability and is specifically designed for upholstery and automotive fabrics.


Physical Properties

Composition Nitrogen compound
Appearance White powder
Ionic Nature Anionic
Solubility low at 100°F(38°C); soluble to 80gm/L @ 212°F(100°C)
Compatibility compatible with anionic and nonionic products
Stability stable to electrolytes, weak acids, and hard water
pH 6.9-7.1 for a 5% solution



In Dyebath

  • Add 1-2% pre-pasted and diluted Orco Sunguard W™ on weight of fabric(owf) to the dyebath before the addition of Orcolan Neutral™ or Orcoset™
  • Do not allow the pH to exceed 5.5 .

As an after-treatment

  • Use 1-2% owf Orco Sunguard W™ with bath set at pH of 3.5 using Formic Acid.
  • Run for 30 minutes at 175°F(80°C).


Do not alkaline-full wool fabrics when Orco Sunguard W™ has been applied in yarn or stock dyeing. Orco Sunguard W™ will diminish the effect of fluorescent whitening agents when used together.

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