Orco Synthrowite RBP™

Orco Synthrowite RBP™ is an optical brightener developed for polyester and polyester/cotton blends yielding whites of outstanding brilliance of a neutral bluish tone and offering excellent light fastness. Orco Synthrowite RBP™ is applicable to polyvinylchloride, acetate, and triacetate fibers via high-temperature processes (beam, jet, and other circulating dyeing equipment) as well as pad-thermosol processes and is compatible with many finishing resins with thermosetting processes.


Physical Properties

Chemical Nature Oxazole derivative
Appearance Cream colored, fine aqueous dispersion
Reaction Nonionic
Solubility Easily dispersible in water
Fastness on PES fiber very good to light, sublimation and washing




Use 0.35 – 1.5 % Orco Synthrowite RBP™ on weight of goods in high temperature equipment alone or with chlorite.

The use of Orco Dye Carrier LLRS-2™ is required when high-temperature equipment is not available.


Use 6.0-35.0 gms/liter of Orco Synthrowite RBP™ followed by drying and heat-setting (thermosol) at 338°-392°F (170° – 200°C) for 30 seconds.


Orco Synthrowite RBP™ is applicable to polyester/cotton in resin finishing baths with a subsequent thermosetting process at 330°F (165°C) for 45 – 60 seconds.


Orco Synthrowite RBP™ should be stirred before weighing out of the drum and should not be added directly to a hot bath.

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