Orco Synthrowite RRP™

Orco Synthrowite RRP™ is an optical brightener developed for polyester, acetate, and triacetate fabrics with a neutral reddish hue and exhibiting high light and washfastness.  Its easy-to-disperse liquid form can be applied by pad/thermofixation and exhaustion application methods.


Physical Properties

Appearance off-white water dispersion
Reaction non-ionic
Solubility cold water dispersible
Chemical nature benzoxazolic derivative
Light fastness very good on polyester
Wash fastness very good on polyester





For high temperature equipment, use 0.2 – 1.5% Orco Synthrowite RRP™ on weight of fabric.

At atmospheric temperatures the use of Orco Dye Carrier LLRS-2™ is required to achieve the best whiteness.



Use 5.0 – 30.0 gms/liter of Orco Synthrowite RRP™ followed by drying and heat setting at 340-375°F(170-190° C) for 30-60 seconds.


Orco Synthrowite RRP™ should be stirred before weighing out of the drum and should not be added directly to a hot bath.

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