Orcomol FAW™

Orcomol FAW™ is a water-soluble polymeric dye-complexing agent with stability to hard water and acid and alkali concentrations. Additions of Orcomol FAW™ in stripping procedures gives improved results.  The bond of attraction between dyes and Orcomol FAW™ is so strong that the dye has greater affinity for it than for cotton and other fibers. In stripping operations, once the cellulose/dye bond is broken, the dislodged dye is tightly bound to the Orcomol FAW™ — after a prolonged stripping treatment, the Orcomol FAW™/dye bond remains intact.

Physical Properties

Appearance Pale yellow fluid
Odor Mild
Ionic Charge Weakly Cationic
Specific Gravity 1.05
pH 7.5-8.0 for a 1% solution



Dyeing – To lighten deep shades of direct-dyed cellulosic yarns or fabrics.

Textile Printing – To prevent tinting of white backgrounds during soaping.

Scouring – As a soil-suspending agent in detergent washing of cellulosic and protein fibers.

Brightener/Resin Finish Baths – To slow down the exhaust rate of brightener/resin baths containing metal-salt catalysts.

Fulling – Of wool plaids, checks, and tweeds to protect bright colors and prevent staining of whites or in preparations of rag stock for high grade papers.

Stripping – effective as a dye stripping agent for cotton and rayon materials dyed with vat, sulfur, or direct dyes in long liquors, package machines, or jigs.


Fulling –  The quantity of Orcomol FAW™ in the fulling bath determines the degree of stripping.  However, the concentration of Orcomol FAW™ should not go beyond 1/2 oz/gal.  If higher amounts are required in the fulling bath, the liquor ratio should be increased along with Orcomol FAW™.  This way the amount of Orcomol FAW™ available for stripping is increased without impairing the bath stability.

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