Orcopal FUL™

Orcopal FUL™ is an economical wool fulling agent which is non-substantive to wool. Orcopal FUL™ functions effectively with soda ash solutions and is effective in degreasing as it causes rapid wetting and emulsification of wool grease.  Its use results in lower residual grease, softer hand, and improved static properties.


Physical Properties

Chemical Type Ethoxylate blend
Appearance Clear colorless medium-bodied liquid
Odor None
Ionic Classification Nonionic
Solubility Dissolves easily in three times its weight of warm water(120°F(49°C))
pH 6 – 8 for a 1% solution
Specific gravity 8.42 lbs/gal



  • Wool Fulling agent
  • Wool Degreaser



For initial trials, use 1-2 oz/gal of Orcopal FUL™.

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