Orcopon PCA™ / Orcopon PC-60™

Orcopon PCA™/PC-60™ is a specially designed nonionic dispersing agent and cleaning agent for use on cotton, wool, and most synthetics and their blends to provide a uniformly prepared surface for dyeing.


Physical Properties

Appearance Clear pourable liquid
Odor Solvent-like odor
Ionic Charge Nonionic
Solubility All proportions in warm water



  • Removal of excess oils and fiber lubricants from fiber surfaces prior to dyeing. Many fiber lubricants and carding oils contain a silica additive to improve cohesiveness of the yarn.  This can cause flow problems and blockages on equipment such as beams and package dyeing equipment.
  • Helps to remove these deposits, hold them in suspension, and keep them from redeposition onto the fiber.
  • Suitable for use on most equipment including jets and beam kettles.


Beam and Package dyeing fiber preparation

  1. Use 1-3% Orcopon PCA™/PC-60™ on weight of fabric(owf)
  2. Raise temperature slowly to 140-150°F(60-66°C).
  3. Run for 15 minutes.
  4. Drop bath or over-flow rinse.

Jet Equipment Oil Removal

  1. Use 1-2 % owf Orcopon PCA™/PC-60™
  2. Add 0.10% owf high-temperature type defoamer.
  3. Raise temperature slowly to 140-150°F(60-66°C).
  4. Drop bath and over-flow rinse.

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