Orcotol MN Powder™

Orcotol MN Powder™ is a protective oxidizing agent which inhibits reduction in scouring, dyeing, and printing with direct, reactive, and disperse dyes.


Physical Properties

Chemical Type Sulphonated aromatic hydrocarbon
Appearance Cream colored powder
Ionic Classification Anionic
Odor None
Solubility Water soluble
Bulk Density 6  lbs / gallon
pH 7 – 8  for a 1% solution



  • Reduction prevention for reactive dyes
  • Prevention of facing in discharge printing
  • Alkaline boiling assistant for vat dyed or printed materials
  • Prevention of fixation of vat dyes in overprinting



For reactive dyes, greenish-yellows and anthraquinone based blues are particularly susceptible to reduction. Inclusion of 1% Orcotol MN Powder™ in all formulas will prevent reduction.

0.5 – 1.5 oz/gal of Orcotol MN Powder™ assists in alkaline or kier boiling of vat dyed or printed materials before bleaching. Its use prevents reduction, stripping and/or marking off. It is not used in pressure kier boiling of colored materials.

Orcotol MN Powder™ prevents fixing of vat colors when they are over printed. This use needs a high concentration of 10 – 20% in the printing paste.

Orcotol MN Powder™ prevents doctor blade streaks and/or facing in discharge printing of colored goods. In this use, the depth of the ground color is maintained when there is carry-over of the discharge agent. A solution containing 0.5 – 1.5 oz/gal may be padded onto material to be discharged. Alternately, a 1.5 – 2.5 oz/gal solution may be applied on the print machine.

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