OrcoWet DSN™

OrcoWet DSN™ is an extremely fast anionic wetter for use in continuous dyeing and finishing offering good bath stability in the pH range of 2 – 10.


Physical Properties

Appearance Clear to hazy pourable liquid
Odor Mild
Ionic charge Anionic
Activity 30-35 ± 1%
Solubility All proportions in water
pH 6 +/- 1



OrcoWet DSN™ is used in wetting, dispersing, solubilizing, and emulsifying.



Pre-dissolve OrcoWet DSN™  in warm water.

For continuous dyeing and finishing wet-out, use 0.1 – 0.25% on weight of bath.

For exhaust dyeing  wet-out and dispersing, use 0.25 – 0.50% on weight of goods.

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