How to Sample & Shade Orco Reactive™ Dyed Cotton



  • The fabric sample must first be rinsed very well to remove any residual processing, chemicals and alkalis.
  • Use 0.133 oz/gal(1 g/L) acetic acid 56% in rinse bath to neutralize any alkali.
  • Soap at boil using 0.25% Orcopon KP™ on weight of fabric then warm rinse and cold rinse with good agitation.
  • Dry and check.



  1. If the necessary shade adjustment requires more than 20% of the original dye formula it is recommended that a fresh dye bath be made.
  2. Drop the dye bath 1/3 – 1/2 of its original volume and refill with cold water.
  3. Properly prepare reactive dye solution.
  4. Add the dye solution to bath and slowly raise dyebath to dyeing temperature.
  5. Run for 30 minutes and sample.


If only a slight shade adjustment is necessary, this can be achieved by slowly adding the dye solution to the bath without lowering the dyebath temperature.

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