How to Stock Dye Wool Using Orcoset™ Dyes

Orcoset™ dyes are a specialty line of modified Reactive and 1:2 metal complex dyes with similar dyeing characteristics for wool and nylon offering exceptional fastness. Advantages include high wetfastness, reproducibility, minimum wool fiber degradation, and easy application.

Stock dyeing with Orcoset™ dyes is basically an abbreviated version of the exhaust piece and yarn procedure with a modification of the chemicals required as well as the elimination of a fixed temperature step.


Prescouring of the wool is necessary in order to remove any impurities in the goods otherwise an unlevel dyeing would result.

Run goods in bath containing 2.0% on weight of goods(owg) Orconol CHSA Conc™ at 140°-160°F for 20 minutes.

Dyeing – Stock Method

  1. Enter goods in bath at 110°F containing:

0.5 – 1.0% owg      Orco Penetrant 120™

1.0  % owg              Orcogal SET™

1.5 – 4.0%% owg Formic Acid to pH of 4.5

  1. Circulate for 15 minutes.
  2. Slowly add pre-dissolved Orcoset™ dyes with circulation and slowly raise temperature to 210°F(99°) at a rate of 2°- 3°F per minute.
  3. Maintain temperature for 25-45 minutes.
  4. Cool back to 165°F(74°C) and re-acidify with Formic Acid if necessary.
  5. Dye adds should only be made after cooling the bath back to 165°F(74°C).


Shade Leveling

    • This leveling procedure will pull the shade back approximately 15 – 20%. A thorough rinse should be performed prior to any re-dye.  Use the same chemicals and amounts listed in the dyeing procedure(without any dye) and bring to 210°F and run for 30 minutes.  Cool back to 160° and re-acidify with Formic Acid before re-dyeing.

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