How to Tie-Dye Cotton Using Orco Reactive   MX-Series™ Dyes


    1. Tie-dyeing gets its name due to the garments actually being tied up using string, rubber bands, plastic pull-ties or whatever is necessary to achieve a desired effect.
    2. The cotton garments are first prepared and prescoured as required.
    3. Saturate garments in alkali solution containing 5% Orconol CHSA Conc™ on weight of bath(owb) and soda ash bringing solution to pH ³
    4. Garments are then “tied” in various forms to achieve various effects which are limited only to the imagination of the designer. The degree of moisture content in the garments will also give different effects when dyed.
    5. The dye solution is typically applied through a squeeze bottle and consists of soft water and MX-Series™ dye properly prepared. The depth of color is dependent on the amount of dye versus amount of water.  A small amount of Sodium Hexametaphosphate should be added to solution when hard water is used.  The solubility of the dye may be improved by the addition of a small amount of urea.
    6. Unfold and untie garments and let dry over night. Quicker fixation of the dye will be achieved with higher temperature.
    7. Warm rinse garments in bath containing 0.133 oz/gal(1g/L) Acetic Acid 56% or more if necessary for neutralization of residual soda ash.
    8. Hot wash close to the boil if possible, using 0.25% of Orcopon KP™ based on weight of the garments.
    9. Cold rinse.

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