How to Treat Acetate with a Water Repellent

A recommended water repellent treatment for acetate involves the application of Orco Repel WZC™ which is a non-durable, economical wax emulsion water repellent containing a zirconium salt base,  providing excellent water repellency on both synthetic and cellulose fibers.

  • Fabrics to be treated should contain no residual surface active agents and have no higher pH than 7.0.
  • Bath concentration for padding will vary depending on the fabric and weight but generally 2-5% owb is adequate for most purposes.
  • Water temperature should be in the area of 50-100°F(10-38°C) before adding the Orco Repel WZC™. Higher temperatures sometimes cause insolubility.                                 
  • Treated fabrics should then be dried thoroughly at temperatures below 300°F(150°C) if possible.

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