How to Treat Acrylic with an Anti-Static Agent

A recommended anti-static treatment for acrylic involves the application of Orco Antistat TRI-275-S™.

Orco Antistat TRI-275-S™ is a nonionic antistat designed for use on synthetics, woolens and cellulosic fibers and their respective blends. This product has exceptionally low color and is non-yellowing.  It contains no mineral oil or alcohol.  Orco Antistat TRI-275-S™ is compatible with most lubricants although this may not be necessary as this product has inherent lubricity.  Removal is easy, requiring warm water and a suitable nonionic detergent such as Orconol CHSA Conc™ at the rate of 0.25-0.50% owg.

  • Generally placed in the last rinse just before extracting(no rinse).
  • Used in spray and continuous pad/dry operations.

Last rinse application–           use 0.5-2.0% owg

Spray application–                 use 0.25-1.0 oz/gal

Continuous application–        use 0.5-2.0 oz/gal with 45-60% wet pickup

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