How to Treat Cellulosics with an Anti-Static Agent

A recommended anti-static treatment for cellulosics involves the application of Orco Antistat 2001™.  Orco Antistat 2001™ is an efficient antistat for use on most synthetic and natural fibers to be used in exhaust, continuous pad, or over-spray operations. It may be applied in conjunction with other cationics and/or nonionic materials as a primary finish or in conjunction with various softeners, resin systems or surfactants.



                  Exhaust –           1.0%  owg Orco Antistat 2001™ at 120° F(49°C) for 20 minutes.                                               Adjust pH to 5.5 – 6.0

            Continuous –            10.0 – 12.5 oz/gal Orco Antistat 2001.  Adjust pH to 5.5 – 6.0

            Overspray –              Use finest light spray adjustment, do not soak.   Allow to dry.  Do                                                  not use antistat on fabrics that may water spot.

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